A New Day

By admin
October 24, 2021

“When you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” This expression sums up my approach to life and work. And it is the spark that launched Phonique Média, my new event and audio production company.

Phonique is the French word for “phonic”, an adjective that means relating to speech sounds. For me, the new company name is also about returning to my first love.

I was blessed to work almost two decades as a radio and television host and producer with Radio-Canada. While I loved my job, anchoring the 6 o’clock news with two small boys at home was not the most family friendly option, especially that my videographer husband also worked in the newsroom.

When I left broadcasting in December 2005, I found a steady stream of very interesting and meaningful work in PR and communications, from shepherding Western Canada’s oldest education establishment from its historic name and brand Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface to Université de Saint-Boniface, to helping put a human face on cutting edge health research at St. Boniface Hospital Foundation or ensuring the 2017 Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg received all the media it deserved – to name just a few. Along the way, I met and worked with some great people, many of them truly inspiring. Yet, after a decade or so working in communications roles, I yearned to return to my broadcasting roots.

Joy. Energy. Meaning.

What exactly did I love most about broadcasting? What did I miss? One thing’s sure: my home studio is my happy place. Even after 30 years as a voice artist, I continue to find great joy in giving life to others’ words. Yet, that alone wasn’t enough to quench the yearning.

Upon reflection and much meditation, I realized that I missed the enlightening on-air conversations, learning new things every day, and getting to pick the brains of community leaders on issues that matter. That giving people a platform to share their authentic voice with others is very meaningful. And that connecting directly with an audience is most energizing.

That brings us to Phonique Media. A new beginning and a vision to help businesses and organizations spark meaningful conversations, whether acting as MC/Host for conferences and events (live, virtual or hybrid), helping clients launch a new podcast, or working with professionals to improve their ability to give media interviews.

Phonique Media is the continuation of Monique LaCoste Communications. We’re driven by the same values: excellence, authenticity, and community… but with a renewed focus.

Let this new adventure begin! Que l’aventure commence !

Is doing what you love a priority in your life and career? If not, what gives? I’d love to hear your stories about choosing passion in work and in life!

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  1. Brigitte Kemp-Chaput

    Bravo bravo Monique! Je t’admire tellement.
    De mon côté, j’ai choisi de quitter le World Trade Centre Winnipeg et de retourner à l’USB; cette fois, au bureau du Cabinet de la Rectrice. Je suis tellement excitée d’y retourner le 1er novembre.